Meet The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Pre-orders from the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 are now on!

Xbox introduced the Elite Wireless Controller back in 2015 to great success hailing one of the best controllers to play with across consoles and PC. The new controller will be compatible with Xbox One consoles, Windows PC and other platforms that support the Xbox controller family.

Microsoft have confirmed that there are over 30 new and improved features in the series 2 model focusing on performance, customisation and extended game play through USB-C braided charging cable.

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 comes with premium components including a carrying case, set of 6 thumb sticks (2 standard, 2 classic, 1 tall, 1 wide dome), set of 4 paddles (2 medium, 2 mini), set of 2 D-pads (standard and faceted), thumb stick-adjustment tool and charging dock for in-case or out-of-case charging.

After using the series 1 elite controller I honestly don’t know if I could play with anything else. The sleek controls and even down to the way it holds in your hand is unlike any other controller on the market. While I am not huge into customisation, the profile creation and mapping that you can customise through the Xbox Accessories app is very user friendly. It also just visually looks stunning, and the look of series 2 is definite reason enough to upgrade (and anyone embracing USB-C is a winner in my books!)

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 will be available in Australia November 4th 2019 and will retail for $249.95. If you want to get ahead of the pack you can pre-order yours now from EB Games, JB HI-Fi and the Microsoft Store.

Are you keen to pick one of these beauties up?