New Game Building Tool Is Coming to Nintendo Switch

AS gamers, we’ve all had a brilliant idea for a video game but haven’t had the tools or knowledge to make a it a reality. However, thanks to Nintendo and cute creatures called Nodon’s, video game creation is about to become a whole lot easier. Earlier today, Nintendo announced a brand new creative tool coming next month called Game Builder Garage. And it looks so easy that anyone could become a pro game developer in no time, even grandma.

Instead of using complicating code to tell a character/object to move or make an action, Game Builder Garage connects Nodon’s to one another to communicate how the game should run. From what we can see from the announcement trailer, Game Builder Garage looks to be able to create just about any sort of game you want.

Game Builder Garage features a Lesson Mode to help get you started which will then let you run free to create whatever you want in Free Programming Mode. You’ll also be able to share games with others online while also learning how others created their games via Free Programming Mode.

Game Builder Garage is available for $49.95 from June 11.

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