Sora from Kingdom Hearts Joins Smash Bros

Sora from Kingdom Hearts Joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Crowd favourite Sora from Kingdom Hearts has been announced as the final character to join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

From an initial cast of 70 characters on launch – Sora joins a diverse roster of 89 fighters in Smash Bros. Ultimate. Every character has their own lead developer assigned to them to bring the vision of the character to Smash. Sora is no exception.

Sora’s normal moveset is derived from the original game series. While his attacks are slightly slower than many characters, his attack window is slightly longer to balance this weakness.

Sora’s biggest weakness is his height and weight (reportedly lighter than Isabelle from Animal Crossing). As Sora is a short and light character he can easily be launched off battle stages.

For Sora’s special attacks, he has access to three elemental attacks – thundaga, firaga, and blizzaga. Thundaga is reminiscent of Pikachu’s Thunder special attack. Blizzaga will freeze opponents in a block of ice, where they will be susceptible to extra damage if a strike is landed exactly when the opponent waggles free from the block. Sora’s special attacks can be reflected or absorbed by quick witted opponents.

The new transformed Kingdom Hearts battle stage with some favourite characters hidden

The new battle stage, Hallow Bastion, features a simple design with one central platform. The stage will float around Hallow Bastion. If Sora finds himself in a losing position the stage will magically transform.

The transformed stage will feature background art with characters from the Kingdom Hearts Series. You may notice some of your particular favourites (Donald and Goofy) hidden from view in the stage background image above.

Some songs from the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack have been included in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, including an updated arrangement of Hand in Hand for Sora’s victory music. Unfortunately it appears the iconic Simple and Clean has been excluded from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The final announcement for the show shared that the Kingdom Hearts series will be coming to the Nintendo Switch as cloud ports.

The heartbroken Waluigi fans out there (including myself) will have to console themselves with the hope he makes the next iteration of Smash Bros as a playable character.

New Mii Fighter Costumes were also announced, featuring Splatoon and Doom Slayer inspired outfits.

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