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SWTOR Announces Legacy Of The Sith Release Date

The latest expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), Legacy Of The Sith, was announced back in July and now has a release date: 14th December 2021. The move from Advanced Classes to Combat Styles has been on the Public Test Server (PTS) for a while now and a lot of feedback has been given on them since them.

There’s a lot of changes coming to SWTOR, which have been drip fed to players since the announcement of Legacy Of The Sith. One that I’m not a fan of is the removal of the Renown system. When SWTOR was first released you needed to complete this game’s version of raids called Operations to get the best in game items. First the Command system and later the Renown system took away the requirement to play these big pieces of group content. You could play the game however you wanted and still work towards higher level gear. If you’re a story player you’ll now be limited to a lower level of gearing compared to those that play Operations.

Starfighers on a landing pad
Part of Legacy Of The Sith takes place on the water world of Manaan

Social experience is also being revamped. Currently you only gain social experience through conversations in cutscenes when grouped. Now Social experience will be earnt just by grouping for activities.

The Dark Vs Light system is also being removed for Legacy Of The Sith. Different to your Light Side/Dark Side alignment, Dark Vs Light is a system where players can choose via a toggle whether they want their actions to count towards the Light Side or the Dark side and things would happen, like bosses spawning and rewards being offered. The developers have stated that the Dark Vs Light bosses will return at a later date.

Eclipse over a rocky world
A new Flashpoint will be on the Sith world of Elom

There are so many more under the hood changes that are coming to SWTOR with Legacy Of The Sith and updated user interface for various windows. It’s great that the 10th anniversary is being used to realign where the game is heading, even if I’m not a fan of the Renown system disappearing.

I can’t wait to be playing Legacy Of The Sith on the 14th December and celebrating the 10th anniversary of this amazing game!


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