Twelve South announce Ston’r concept charger for iPhone 12

[This press release has been provided by Twelve South PR and is presented by the GOA team for informational purposes]

When it comes to gadgets and elegancy, there is usually a dissonance between the two factors that leaves you to sacrifice one or the other.

To combat this, Twelve South has constantly broken through the boundaries to introduce an array of household and office essentials that fit seamlessly into any environment. Their latest concept reveals itself in the form of Stone’r, a weighted marble base that holds your MagSafe Charger in place whilst also transforming it into a stylish charging stand for iPhone 12. 

For all the greatness of the Apple MagSafe Charger, it takes two hands to pull the magnetic charging disc from the back of the iPhone. Exclusively designed for the charger, Stone’r is one of the only solutions and is the perfect place for your iPhone 12 to chill out and recharge after a long day.  a downfall solved only through the use of Stone’r. The little marble composite weighs one kilogram, which is enough weight to prevent the charger from clinging to the back of your phone. 

A product with so many exciting prospects, Stone’r is still in its conceptual stages with pre-orders available online to register interest.

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