The Mandalorian would make an epic Goldeneye 007

We Reckon The Mandalorian Could Become The Next Goldeneye 007! And Here’s Why, Fellow Gamers!

Okay. So we’ve just come off the end of series 2 of the epic Star Wars spin off, The Mandalorian.

What a show! Are we right, or what?

Now, before you progress any further, be warned. SPOILER ALERTS aplenty to follow.

After watching the last episode of Season 2 of The Mandalorian, yes, with THAT ending, it got me to thinking.

How good would a linear game based on each episode be? That is, one episode equals one level of the game.

There’s been 16 episodes to date. A 16 level game based on the TV show sounds pretty friggin’ awesome to me.

History shows that, done right, this could be the biggest game since (and this is a big call), Goldeneye 007.

Yes, Goldeneye 007. That too was a game based closely on the movie, following the plot in a linear sense from the opening at the Byelomorye Dam in Arkangelsk, and ending on the Cradle.

Imagine that mentality, applied to The Mandalorian. Star Wars meets an epic spin off meets a proven game mode. Unreal!

Yes, this is a delicious concept artwork from episode 3. Let’s make this a game (SOURCE:

I took time out this week to bother our resident Star Wars expert and God Mode level game historian, The Historian, to pitch this idea to him. Here’s what he said:

“Every episode in general had a huge feel of being in a game and doing quests. There’s the overarching quest revolving around the child and getting them to a Jedi, but all the other side quests along the way,

I also think the Mandalorian would make an epic open world RPG and an MMORPG.”

The Historian

Enough said, right!

I reckon it’s important we treat this potential game the way Goldeneye 007 did. Three difficulty levels, with more tasks to complete in each level with each progression of difficulty. PLUS, that epic hidden difficulty of 007. You’d probably cal them something like:

  1. Hunter
  2. Bounty Hunter
  3. Mandalorian
  4. Din Djarin (hidden level, unlocked after beating Mandalorian)

The Historian and I talked potential missions and how’s this for a taster. Each game level relates to the related episode.

LEVEL 3: The Sin

You must deliver the child to the client and find the secret Mandalorian enclave to repair your armour. Head to your ship to accept your next mission.

Once you get to your ship, a cut scene ensues. You have a change of heart and you’re not comfortable with leaving the child with these people.

Head back to the laboratory and rescue the child. Take out the imperial stormtroopers and then deal with the ambush by Greef Karga and the other bounty hunters. Hold out in time to receive assistance from your fellow Mandalorians.

Get the child to your ship and deal with Greef Karga one last time before completing the mission.

Level 9: The Marshal

Find Gor Koresh and get intel on the whereabouts of a rumoured Mandalorian in the town of Mos Pelgo. You need to talk with Peli Motto, whose droid will be able to show you the way.

Once you find Mos Pelgo, make the deal with the town’s marshal, Cobb Vanth, to retrieve the Mandalorian armour and continue with your task.

Find a way to defeat the Greater Krayt Dragon, harnessing help from the townspeople and the notorious Tuskan Raiders to complete the mission.

Level 16: The Rescue

Grogu is in trouble. You need to find the Imperial shuttle containing Dr. Pershing and capture him.

Head to the cantina to meet with Bo-Katan and Koska Reeves, who will agree to your request of help in exchange for the Darksaber.

As Boba Fett, attack the Imperial Shuttle on its way to the cruiser, being careful not to destroy the shuttle.

Once you’ve seen the shuttle emergency land on the cruiser, escape the scene and switch to the Mandalorian. Defeat the Dark Trooper and hit the switch to eject the rest.

Find the child and defeat Moff Gideon. Take the child to the ship’s bridge and lock the blast doors.

As the Dark Troopers infiltrate the cruiser, an X-Wing appears…

Get that baby Yoda! (SOURCE:

Honestly, this game is writing itself people.

I think it’s really important to acknowledge that should such a game be even considered, the right people should be involved. Based on how awesome The Mandalorian has been, Jon Favreau is an absolute must to be on-board. As is Dave Filoni.

I reckon too, that this game belongs in the hands of a developer who can give the Star Wars name all the love it deserves. Think more Jedi: Fallen Order, and less of the Battlefront series.

I imagine the best developer to take on a game like this would be a Rare type company, who clearly got it right with their treatment of Goldeneye. Talk to Martin Hollis, the man who led the Goldeneye team. Get him on board.

The Rare team were considered inexperienced when they made that game. I reckon that’s what eventually made it so successful. They probably didn’t have the rigidity and sensibilities that come from a large scale production company.

They took risks, tried different stuff out and look at the result.

The Mandalorian series, such a welcome breath of fresh air for any self-respecting Star Wars nerd, could well benefit from the same approach if a game was to be made. And not only would you have a legion of fans ready to jump on-board, if the game was good enough, you’d be converting new fans as well.

Now, how to make this happen?

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