Why The Return Of Spec Ops Should Have Every Co-Op Gamer Creaming Their Collective Pants

With all the hoopla surrounding the remake of Modern Warfare, there’s been one little snippet of news that I feel is MUCCCCCHHHH bigger than the tiny bit of coverage that it’s so far received.

Guys…. SPEC OPS is coming back!!!!!

That’s right… in my opinion, the most important (therefore actually the best) co-op mode of all time is making a welcome return to the gaming landscape, and I for one can’t bloody wait!

For the uninitiated, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is where I first discovered Spec Ops. That bloody game, was so bloody perfect.

Its solo mission mode was epic.

Its multiplayer mode… don’t start me… Rust, Terminal, etc… Unbelievable!

But, in my humble opinion, Spec Ops in MW2 was just the bloody best! That perfect mix of co-op sensibilities that you needed to get through each and every mission.

If you’re a long-time listener to the GOA podcast, you would have no doubt heard about my online co-op cohort, Mr Ronnie Corbett (ding). Spec Ops was the start of our co-op journey and it’s led to many, many, legendary co-op experiences.

The entire Gears Of War series, Far Cries, Ghost Recon, Borderlands, etc…

But Spec Ops was it!!!

The heightened level of comms required when I was storming the trenches, with Ronnie up above manning the gun from the chopper.

The coordination required to navigate each and every corner of that bloody oil rig!

The panic that struck when you saw a mirror flash from the bushes… “F**k, the snipers have seen us”

This bloody level – the suspension bridge

The pure fear and intimidation that came with every massive juggernaut storming you… and the pure satisfaction that came with a perfectly timed headshot from a sniper rifle.

Make that 10 perfectly timed headshots… bloody hell, they were giants!

Pete and I spoke the other week off-air about the sheer adrenalin rush that comes with gaming… when you manage to beat something that’s been frustratingly keeping you awake at night. This game mode – in this game – gave us countless “adrenalin” moments. Too many to mention!

Ronnie and I have already spoken about the return of Spec Ops and trust me, come November, there will be many sleepless nights taking on the might of Spec Ops again. Can not bloody wait!


Written by: @dantheinternut

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