World Of Tanks Rolls Onto Steam

WARGAMING has just announced that World Of Tanks for PC is now also available to play Steam. The award winning free-to-play PvP title which features hundreds of tanks that can be battled across dozens of detailed maps is also cross service compatible. This means players from the regular PC version and steam can join in on the fight together. However, current PC players won’t be able to jump over to Steam with their current progression. The Steam version of World Of Tanks is only available for new players.

“At Wargaming, our greatest pride is that we created a game that players have loved and enjoyed for over 10 years. We’ve brought people together from around the world, and the strength of our community is unparalleled. I believe World of Tanks has become more than a game, turning into a genuine hobby for millions of our players – and it will remain that way for decades to come,” states Victor Kislyi, CEO of Wargaming. “It is always fantastic to see our game growing and embracing new players, and so I am proud to welcome the Steam community to our tanker family!”

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