World of Warships: Legends Sails Into Stores

FREE to play multiplayer naval combat game World of Warships: Legends is sailing into stores on Friday, November 15 as part of a boxed retail launch for the title.

Developed by Wargaming for PS4 and Xbox One, the retail version will be published by Gearbox Publishing and known as the “Firepower Deluxe Edition”.

EB games have been confirmed as the initial Australian retailer for the game, with an RRP of $69.95

Ever wanted to command a battleship? World of Warships has you covered.

Given the standard World of Warships: Legends is totally free to acquire, one might wonder why the retail version is $69.95.

The answer, according to Wargaming’s official announcement:

“The collectible Firepower Deluxe Edition of World of Warships: Legends will have a bunch of premium content for both new players and fans alike. It comes with a giant bundle of month of premium account time and in-game currency, as well as four premium ships: Iwaki, Kamikaze, Texas, and Arizona.

“This content will provide players with a more exciting experience through unique ships and boosted progression, without disturbing game balance.

“This version is an opportunity for the game to reach new players and markets by providing additional access to game content in stores.”

There are four premium ships included with World of Warships: Legends Firepower Deluxe Edition, ranging from fast destroyers to full-size battleships.

 By purchasing the retail version, you are in essence getting a month of premium account time (meaning XP boosts and additional rewards) along with four decent ships which you’d also otherwise have to pay for.

Wargaming have also confirmed the Firepower Deluxe Edition of the game does not replace the standard “Free-to-play” edition of Legends, which will remain available – but which does not include the included premium content of the retail version.

World of Warships is a lot of fun – it’s been around a few years now and the experience is something like having radio-controlled boats battle it out with live ammunition. If you like your naval warfare or just want something you can play around a bit with casually, this might be worth making a berth for in your gaming harbour.