XCOM: Ultimate Collection Touches Down On Steam

THE entire XCOM collection has just been slashed in price on Steam for the next two weeks. Worth over $300, XCOM: Ultimate Collection is drastically reduced to $58.44. Featuring all three recent XCOM titles and their respective DLC’s, right now is the time to check out XCOM if you haven’t done so already. It’s stress inducing stuff but it’s a memorable and worthy gameplay experience.

XCOM is a tactical turn-based strategy series which follows the fight against an alien invasion on earth. XCOM: Enemy Unknown features an expansion pack and two lots of DLC. XCOM 2 Collection comes with the War of the Chosen expansion pack and five DLC’s. The latest title, XCOM: Chimera Squad, is a slightly different experience. It has an all new aesthetic and a slightly easier gameplay experience.

Remember, if you already own one or more of these items, you can still complete your collection at the sale price.

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