“PS5” – Ep 123 of the Game On AUS podcast is out now!

Ep 123 – PS5

This week Dan is off so Pete is joined by Jacko_Gfreak, an Aussie twitch streamer from Victoria doing epic things in front of the camera!

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:
1. PS5 details have been released and they are LEGIT
2. Assassin’s Creed Unity could hold the key to rebuilding the Notre Dame Cathedral
3. Xbox has revealed a launch date for its all digital edition Xbox one S

We’ve hit over 800 members in the Game On AUS GOD MODE closed facebook
group, meaning we give away another prize!

Jacko tells us all about himself and what inspired the character – “Gfreak”

Did you change your PS4 name with the new update? Our community has answered, we read some of the comments and also reveal next week’s big question which has been sent to us by CHRIS, thanks legend! You can send yours to us at gameon@gameonaus.com

Don’t forget to listen in for the AOC/AGON code to get your free monitor suitcase with a purchase of a new AOC/AGON monitor at ple.com.au!

Thanks to all of the legends watching us on twitch.tv/gameonaus and listening everywhere!





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