Ep 143: No Really, WTF Is Wrong With Aus Esports?!


If you follow Pete on twitter (@PeteCurulli), you may have seen him sounding off, are his points ON point though?

We catch up with Benji Scott, former social media expert for Avant Gaming and various other esports entities in Australia, about the current poor behaviour of some of the Australian representatives of the esports scene – what needs to change to take esports to that next level?

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:

  1. Apple Arcade is coming, and it’s bringing these games with it
  2. The new ACER gear is NUTS, but one piece of tech revealed at IFA will set you back 20k, is it worth it?
  3. It’s the 20th anniversary of Tony Hawks Pro Skater, and now a doco about the game being made is coming out!

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Game on legends!

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