Ep 148: Who’s The Real Fat Shady?

Game On Legends! This week we’re joined by Professor Fat Shady to talk about his rise from humble Insurance executive to an E3 presenting Trials Rising Tutorial appearing legend… what a story!

It’s an bloody fantastic chat, if we do say so ourselves.

Top 3 News That Gamers’ Need To Know

  1. XBOX Elite Controller is getting a new release… and Dan wants a free one please XBOX
  2. How good does the Star Wars movie look… and will it bring a Star Wars game worthy of our dollars?
  3. Dan got a haircut and now looks like the blonde kid off the Frosty ice cream van.

The Big Question

Dan posed a ripper… what game would you like to see on a phone? Tell us at our FB page.

We also gave away another Logitech Headset and BONUS, gave away a epic gaming mouse.

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