Ep 157 – We Got Plenty For 2020

NO mucking around here people, we’re straight back into everything gaming and e-sports, starting with a call to Zulu about exactly how he survived CES 2020 and more importantly, how he survived his first visit to Las Vegas.

Top 3 Things Gamers Need To Hear This Week

  1. CES 2020 chat with Zulu
  2. GOAG is back and bloody hell, it’s this weekend
  3. GOA God Mode Catch Up: Happening in #Perth on February 22

The Big Question

We’ve changed it up yet again and ask an epic gaming question that will certainly get you thinking.

Pete also admits that, yes, he still hasn’t played RDRII

We’re not here next week, Pete explains why, but find us on all the usuals. #GameOnAUS!


Written by: @dantheinternut

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