GOA Gaming Podcast Episode 172

Ep 172: Skate Or Die!

WARNING: This episode contains an educational fact from Pete. Be wary.

This week, we’re finally back together in the studio and we’re joined on the chat with the one and only @champchong and the one and onlier @cabalia.

Top 3 Things Gamers Need To Know

  1. AFL behind a massive Fortnite tournie for charity – we speak with Ben Salinger
  2. Tony Hawk 1+2 Coming Back, Remastered
  3. PS5 on track for Xmas

So much stuff to talk about. We even broke the golden rules and got talking about movies, just for a second mind you!

The Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Question

Check out our socials and leave your answer. In 20 years time, when we’re all talking about the shitstorm that was 2020, what’s the game you’ll be telling everyone you smashed out during the iso crisis?

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