Game On AUS Podcast Ep 178

Episode 178: Starlight Star Bright!

The boys are stoked to welcome NBL player Adam “Gibbo” Gibson, of the South East Melbourne Phoenix, who talked through the recent charity event for the Starlight Foundation, where he and fellow legend Mitch Creek played some Fortnite with a whole bunch of fans.

The result, a whole bunch of cash for the Starlight Foundation! Bloody yes!

Top 3 Things Gamers Need To Know

  1. Deets and what to expect from the forthcoming XBOX Games Showcase, July 23 (24th in Oz)
  2. DK Country is coming to the Switch
  3. One of the original NES team spills the dirt on Nintendo as it was all those years ago

We also have another ripping edition of Game Of The Year, and…

The Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Question

When’s the last time you rage quit and why?

Game on legends!

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