Game On AUS Episode 129 Is Out Now: That’s Gaming!

It’s been weeks in the works but Pete and Dan have finally revealed their brand new gaming song, a quintessential track about a gamer’s love for gaming to John Farnham’s classic “That’s Freedom”

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:

  1. The ACCC is taking Sony Europe to court over issues with the PSN, we talk to Rod Simms from the ACCC to guide us through the court filing.
  2. Everything you need to know about the four new Pokemon things coming.
  3. The World Health Organisation has officially declared gaming addiction a “disorder” – Pete explains why that is a good thing.

Razer sent us some awesome stuff, and we want to give it to our twitch subs!

This week’s GOA Facebook community BIG QUESTION:

What legendary console exclusive title you have never played? We read the GOA community’s answers and reveal the next BIG QUESTION!

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Thanks for listening legends!


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