Game On AUS Episode 182: The Chill Zone

Pete felt like dialling it down a little this week, so of course, this little podcast about gaming was more robust than ever. Get ready for a wild ride, people!

Top 3 Things Gamers Need To Know

  1. The ethicality of removing content from Destiny 2. What gives?
  2. The Switch Pro: Is it coming and if so, can we have a better name please?
  3. Goldeneye’s afterthought. Possibly the best afterthought of all time?

The last point there led to a fantastic improv session by Pete and Dan. Imagine how it would have gone down at Rare.

The Big Question

What’s the game you wrote off as a bad decision to buy? We’ve all been there fellow gamers.

I Got You In My Sights

It’s Dan turn to go off and go off he does. Infinity Ward, watch out!