Game On AUS Episode 183: We’re Poets (Didn’t Know Its)

Pete and Dan overcome technical difficulties and the excitement of a live unboxing to bring you this, episode 183 of the best bloody gaming bloody podcast in the world.


Top 3 Things Gamers Need To Know

  1. We call our man Zulu – resident tech expert – to give his thoughts on all the new NVIDIA gear
  2. The new Marvel Avengers game – Talking transactions
  3. Nintendo now allow cancellation of pre-orders up until a week before release

Dan and Pete have a banter about #marriedlife and then, Pete ponders his affection for cardboard packaging. This leads to the… 

The Big Big Big Big Bloody Big Big Question

Are you a Digital Downloader or Old School Physical Product type purchaser?

I Got You In My Sights

The NBN’s been dicking Dan around and this week, he returns fire. Angry, angry fire!

Game on you bloody legends!