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Game On AUS Episode 192: You Don’t Have Lag With Zero Latency

Pete goes one on one with Tim Ruse – AKA Rusey – the CEO of the epic VR gaming venue Zero Latency, a must-do thing for every gamer around the country.

Slowly but surely, city by city, Zero Latency is making its mark across this fine country of ours, and Rusey goes through the paces of creating this VR beast.

The usuals jump in for a good old fashioned chin-wag about the forthcoming release of Cyberpunk 2077 – it’s finally coming out!

There’s also chatter about why Nintendo won’t give any love to Smash Bros in the Esports realm? Come on Nintendo, have a go!

The Big Big Big Big Big Big Question Statement

To celebrate every gamer’s favourite season, All I want for Christmas is ?

Game on legends!

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