Game On Australia Podcast Ep 48 Out Now!

Episode 48 – Is It Pewdiepie’s Fault He Is a Role Model?

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Top 3 News:

  1. Destiny 2 dominating Australia and NZ markets
  2. More SNES & NES Mini’s on the way to AUS
  3. The World’s biggest YouTuber Pewdiepie has come under fire again..

Off the back of the Pewdiepie news we discuss whether it is his fault or not that he’s a role model and just what obligation to his viewers he has as the World’s biggest YouTuber..

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What are you playing: we bring back an old favourite!

  • Dan – Wildlands
  • Pete – Overwatch and some retro

I’ve Got You In My Sights:

  • REVERSE SIGHTS! We have channel 10 squarely in our sites, but for a good reason…

Old Skool Retro Pick Of The Week:

  • Retro sales are picking up again so we tell you about a NES system in great condition going for cheap!

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