GOA Ep 209: Time Splitting With Str8 And Rephl3x

With Pete in baby mode (as in, at home with his new baby), legends Str8JaktJim and Rephl3x take the reins to bring you legendary gaming chat about legendary bloody gaming!

Joining the lads are GOA Members HeckBirbPlays and Kaiju-Kai (formerly known as Eriond), with a cheeky Menthonso cameo. Who doesn’t love a cheeky Menthonso cameo.

We go into a deep dive about a potential new Timesplitters game, which leads to a chat about game anniversaries (are they worth the hype?) and Rephl3x announces what the next tournament game will be.

There’s also a deep dive about an excellent members question about Game Of The Year. Rock on!

Game on legends! Game bloody on!

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