Game On AUS episode 189

GOA Episode 189: Everything’s Coming Up XBOX

Game on legends. What a week to be alive. Two massive next-gen console launches in the same week, and we bloody got Mr XBOX himself here in Australia/Asia, the one, the only, Jeremy Hinton.

After the obligatory “we’re not worthy” chant from Pete and Dan, we get down and dirty with a man key to the worldwide launch of the XBOX Series X and S. There’s a lot to digest.

The Big Big Big Big Big Big Question

Seeing GOA is officially partnered with the legends at Movember, this week’s question is Mo themed. Here we go.

What game is 150% better when you substitute a word in the title with “mo”?

Dan: Goldenmo 007
Pete: Goldeneye MoMo7

We also pop a call to the legend that is @Str8JaktJim after his marathon 24 hour streaming effort – what a bloody champion!

Finally, Pete’s got a mouth ulcer in his sights. Or should we say schhights.

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