GOA Podcast Ep 90 – What Is GOA PUBG Casuals?

Episode 90 of the Game On AUS podcast is live now on iTunes, android, and podcastone.com.au!

Top 3 news gamers need to hear this week:
1. How to play Grand Theft Auto Online for free this month!
2. Parents are paying tutors to teach their kids how to play Fortnite!
3. Tesla is bringing Atari games to their cars!

We have a special announcement – we’re introducing a brand new weekly tournament night to the Game On AUS community to say thank you for being a part of it. Called “GOA PUBG Casual Fridays” the new casual gaming night will bring together the community to hang out for some shenanigans and banter and enjoy some custom PUBG goodness!

Some more awesome news about our Steam curators group.

1997 in games – we revisit last week’s discussion and tally your votes about the best year for gaming ever!


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