GOA Podcast Ep 92 Available Now!

Episode 92 of the Game On AUS podcast is available now on itunes, android, and podcastone.com.au!

Ep 92 – The Greatest Gaming Story Ever Told!

Dan’s joke: Big fat head!

Top 3 Things Gamers Need To Hear This Week.
1. DOTA 2 The International fires up this week
2. How to win a gold plated XBox One X
3. 81 year old finishes Destiny 2’s Raid for the first time. Writes short story about it.

The results of our Bachelor poll – and why a gaming house is doing a bachelor poll anyway.

Also your answers to our big question last week – Which game turned you into a gamer!

I’ve got you in my sights segment: Dan tees off on Network 10.


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