GOA Podcast Ep 93 Available Now!

Episode 92 of the Game On AUS podcast is available now on itunes, android, and podcastone.com.au!

Ep 93 – ***SPECIAL*** Live From Gamescom!

We have a real treat for you this week gamers!
Top 3 things that gamers need to hear LIVE FROM GAMESCOM:
Our good mate Alex from Kotaku is over in Germany at Gamescom and graciously took some time out of his hectic schedule to tell us the top things we need to know coming out of Gamescom.
We also pick his brain on what it’s like being one of the main guys who gets to go and represent a major gaming news brand at these gaming festivals talking about who he gets to meet, what morning until night looks like for him while he is there, and if he gets any cool stuff to take home!
We are joined by Jacquie Garrett – founder of GGWP, an up and coming brand looking out for gamers who want to make it big creating content in the space, she’s off to Germany for another reason – to have a heap of investors pick GGWP apart and hopefully throw some money her way.
Jacquie also tell us about her son Max aka “Orange Ocelot” – he’s Australia’s youngest professional sponsored gamer and he’s heading over to the US to compete in the Pokemon World Championships!


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