Ep 138: **ChampChong!**


We have a very special guest joining us for the whole podcast this week, the Aussie legend that over 890 thousand people are subscribed to on YouTube – ChampChong!

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week!

  1. 1. Ninja moves to Mixer, but for how much?
  2. PUBG is steadily gaining players back!
  3. Xbox secures exclusivity over an important Capcom IP


ChampChong joins us for the hour having moved back to his home town of Perth! He shares some things never before told, exclusively for our listeners.

For any up and coming content creator this chat is not to be
missed as he also opens up on the things that have led him to amassing one of the biggest subs bases on YouTube in Australia.

Thanks for being a legendary guest Champ!

*We also mention we were going to cover off Trump vs Gaming in the podcast but because the chat with Champ was so good we have decided to revisit Trump another time.

Game on legends!

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