The Game On AUS Podcast Ep 99 is now live!

Episode 98 of the Game On AUS Podcast, “AfterYay or AfterNay”, is live now on Apple, Android, and!

Ep 99 – AfterYay? Or AfterNay?

Hang around until the end of the podcast for a MAJOR announcement

Top 3 things that gamers need to hear this week:
1. CoD Blops 4 is out – what does this mean for Fortnite and PUBG?
2. See you at PAX – if you’re going to Australia’s biggest gaming and tech fest, find out where you can find Pete!
3. EB Games announced AfterPay is going live. We catch up with Jo from to talk us through the pro’s and con’s

Do you remember your “gamers first” – Dan explains what he means

An impromptu “got you in my sights” this week as Dan realises towards the end of the show he is pissy about something!


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