The GOA Podcast Ep 95 is live now!

Episode 95 of the Game On AUS Podcast is live now on iTunes, android, and!


Dan’s off so two of the Game On AUS’ finest from the community join Pete this week, Stix and Garbs!

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:
1. 2K for 2k is our brand new competition! 2k games has sent as about $300 worth of AWESOME GEAR to give to a lucky GOA listener. Head to the facebook page for more information!
2. No Esports at the Olympics? Why the IOC has crushed that idea
3. We’ve been playing through EVERYTHING, we discuss our experience with a week full of releases – Destiny 2’s Forsaken, Battlefield V, and SCUM.

It was a monster discussion about those games so not much time for anything else 😉


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