Twelve South Hoverbar Duo adjustable iPad/Tablet stand review

EVER wished you could have an extra pair of hands while gaming? The subject of this review is pretty close, offering an effective way to hold an iPad or Tablet in a range of adjustable positions, freeing up your hands up for other things.

The Twelve South Hoverbar Duo is designed for iPads but would work with any tablets of roughly the same size, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ too, and also fits large smartphones too.

In its standard form, it comprises a flat base with an arm, which has the device attachment on the end. The clamps on the attachment have springs and expand to grip onto the sides of the tablet.

The Twelve South Hoverbar Duo can either sit on a desktop using a weighted base, or clamp to a shelf or similar space with a vice grip.

It’s straightforward but effective, and I found it very helpful for games that didn’t really need my constant attention like Fallout Shelter or Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows; it also worked extremely well for the various Reigns games too.

The setup allowed me to have my iPad Pro set up next to the laptop while I worked, and also held the device in place so I could game on it using a Bluetooth controller too.

Even just as a “Holding the device up for video calls or watching Netflix” accessory it was very useful – not having to prop the iPad up on stuff to get the angle right was a welcome state of affairs; I didn’t have any issues with the arm drooping or the device not staying put when it was positioned.

The spring-loaded clamp grip on the Hoverbar Duo holds a wide range of tablets and smartphones, including the iPad Pro and iPhone 12.

While I set my Hoverbar Duo up with the heavy base, it also includes a vice-type option in the box that allows the arm to be set up gripping a table or bookshelf or pot rack or anything of a similar ilk, which certainly adds to the versatility there too.

As with the other Twelve South products I have reviewed, the Hoverbar Duo is well made, stylish, and not cheap, with an RRP of $139.95.

It is a lot of money for what it is – even considering the build quality – but if you want a useful peripheral to go with your iPad or Tablet, and would like it to fit in with the décor, the Hoverbar Duo has plenty practical appeal.

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