We Got The Biggest Motorhead We Know To Review Monster Energy Supercross

So, when the GOA team had a hot little review copy of Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 4 come across the table, clearly, the first person they thought of to review the game was yours truly.

You know, the gaming nerd who’s ridden a bike (well, a moped) ONCE in his life. And that didn’t end too well (think Phuket, one hour from our hotel, when a horrendous dose of the scoots came on suddenly – actually, don’t think about that!).

But, I had a bright idea, and that bright idea was to get my esteemed brother-in-law to review it.

Scott is a motoring fiend. He’s surrounded by the bloody things. If he’s not tinkering away on aircraft motors (his day job), he’s riding one of his multiple bikes or driving one of his multiple cars or taking my 6 year old nephew to the local weekend rally or such and such.

Indeed, my nephew is so bloody into motorsports that mark my words, there’s every chance he could be our next Daniel Ricciardo. Big shoeys’ to fill, but he’s that into it.

Anyways, I passed on Supercross 4 to my brother in law Scott, to give me a review, from a legit motorhead who also bloody loves him a little bit of bloody gaming, and here were his thoughts on the game.

In fairness, I asked him to give me three great things about the game and, if any, whatever negatives he could muster.

Firstly, The Good:

Straight from the horse’s (power) mouth:

  1. “Excellent graphics and realistic bike sounds (each bike sounds like the real bike does).”
  2. “Very smooth game play.”
  3. “Heaps and heaps of options to customise the game the way you want to play it.

Now, The Not So Good:

There were apparently two annoying things.

  1. “It’s f*cking difficult! – to the point I think some players would get frustrated with coming dead last for the first few hours of game time.”
  2. “The way the rider behaves on the bike was way too sluggish for my liking and I couldn’t find anywhere to adjust the sensitivity – Chris and I were both looking for the setting).”

(The ‘Chris’ he speaks of is none other than our Historian, who like a bloody champion, lent Scott his XBOX Series X so Scott could play the bloody game to review it – bloody gamers doing great things!)

Scott’s Overall Thought

“Once you spend a few hours and start to get a few fast laps in, it’s actually quite a good game. I think they could have maybe had an easier mode for newcomers with no bike experience.”

So there you go fellow gaming riders. It sounds to me that if someone like Scott is into the game, it should be high up on the wish list for those who love to ride.

And as for the difficulty, sometimes that can be just the thing a gamer needs to keep him coming back!


And let’s face it, motorocross, like my beloved golf, isn’t exactly bursting with gaming titles to play. So this could be the niche game you are looking for to scratch that itch.

Get your motor running gamers! Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 4 is out now!

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