World of Tanks Blitz on Nintendo Switch: A Review

WARGAMING recently announced they were bringing their popular free-to-play mobile game World of Tanks: Blitz to Nintendo Switch, and as part of the write-up I mentioned my plans to test it as soon as I could get the Switch away from my kids.

Thanks to some top shelf parenting (I hid the charger so the console battery went flat and the kids put it down), I’ve been able to do exactly that, and can now give you a review.

It is indeed the World of Tanks Blitz experience, and it works very well on the Switch. To be honest, I’m surprised it wasn’t done ages ago.

The controls are the same as the PS4 and Xbox One X versions, the graphics are good, the sound is good, it is fun to play, and basically does everything you’d expect.

The game is a natural fit for the Switch and I’m surprised it wasn’t ported ages ago.

As with the mobile, PS4 and Xbox One X versions, it’s a great game to play in short bursts – jump in, play a battle or two, jump out – and that works as well on the Switch as it does on the other platforms.

Because it’s the same game as the other consoles, it has some of the same quirks (like mid-tier tank battles often seeming like an armoured version of peek-a-boo) but it’s still fun, playable and doesn’t require a subscription (even a Nintendo one) to access the cross-play multiplayer battles.

I realise this is a fairly short review, but honestly, there’s not a lot to say here – it’s a good game generally and it works well on Switch, where I think it’s going to be prove very popular.

If you’ve got a Switch, want an accessible multiplayer game you genuinely don’t have to spend any money on to enjoy, and like the idea of doing battle in armoured fighting vehicles, you’re going to enjoy this.