Nvidia GEFORCE NOW Powered By Pentanet reveals official Australian Beta Play launch date.

Pentanet, Australia’s fastest growing Internet Service Provider with gamers at the heart of their service, has announced that Nvidia GEFORCE NOW will officially be in Beta Play for the Australian market on September 22.

In the latest Checkpoint Beta video which went live at 6pm AWST | 8pm AEST on their YouTube channel the Managing Director of Pentanet, Stephen Cornish, revealed that demand leading into the Beta Play stage remains strong, with over 27,000 unique active users completing over 160,000 Cloud.GG quests” in an effort to secure their seat in Beta Play.

A small batch of Beta players will be added to the service as of Wednesday the 22nd of September with more groups of players to be added every few days as the ISP gradually scales up the stress testing on the capacity and capability of the platform on Australian networks, including Pentanet.

Beta Play will be free for selected players with RTX ON for real-time ray tracing. Users will have access to a library of over 1,000 games, and can play them by connecting to their Steam, Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Connect or GOG.COM accounts. Players will also have access to more than 80 free-to-play titles, instantly, included with GEFORCE NOW.

In the video Cornish also requests Beta Players “game creatively,” hoping that users will take GEFORCE NOW to all of the places their rigs and consoles struggle to go to. “We want to know how it plays on your phone and even your oldest laptop.”

I have personally had the opportunity to play with GEFORCE NOW and the early experiences are promising. What’s been even more impressive is watching the internal Beta program at Pentanet run RTX-enabled Cyberpunk 2077 on MacBooks going all the way back to 2012, Destiny 2 on a Samsung Galaxy phone, and Apex Legends on a decade-old, budget Windows PC laptop.

It’s not too late to try and secure your spot on the Beta Play program by heading to and begin your Beta Quest journey.

An FAQ about Pentanet and the GeForce NOW service in Australia is available here:

This is the current list of GeForce NOW games, subject to Australian classification:

Skip the queue!

GOA legends club members who have signed up for a account can get instant access to the Beta Play program right now! You can check out the details on how to become a GOA legends club member here.

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